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IP Address Function in the Internet World

People today are all connected to the net but not many of them really understand IP address function – or even know what it is! So, if you want to enjoy your surfing time or you simply want to know how the internet works, here is the fact. And IP address would have its own core concept that matters to the whole activity.


Understanding IP Address

IP is short for Internet Protocol. The address is referring to the unique (and one of a kind) numbers linked to the online activity – happening in milliseconds. It’s like a mail address that would specify a location or an object. So, when you are connected to the internet, the IP address has a crucial role. You see, your mobile devices (and you) are actually indirectly connected to the internet. You DIRECTLY connect to the network first – whose role is already connected to the internet and whose role is to give you access to the internet. So, this network acts like a middleman. It is the bridge between you and the internet.


Your network can be the company network, a wireless network, or your ISP (Internet Service Provider). The network itself must follow an already planned and built standards and protocols to connect to the net, including about exchanging information (or data) back and forth. One of the protocols is to be responsible for routing, delivering, and addressing your online request accurately. It has the electronic return address to all of your online activity and requests. As you can guess, the address being used is your connection’s IP address. This is how the network can identify you amongst millions of devices in the entire world.


However, despite the fact that each address is unique, it doesn’t belong to your device. You see, your IP address can change, depending on your location. Let’s say that you use WiFi at home with its own unique markers. When you are traveling to other places and you are using the WiFi at the hotel, the address will definitely change. It’s because you will be using another network. Or you find out that your current connection is sluggish and slow, and then you contact your ISP so they can change it for you (by giving you a different route or address with faster connection), then your new IP address will be different from the old one.



So, what does it mean? What is IP address function? First of all, it helps you stay connected to the internet. IP address is also related to geolocation – the mapping of the devices with internet connections to the real geographical spots. Your IP address at home would be different from your IP address when you are traveling to Hawaii, for instance. So, the IP address can also show you the location where you are at.


Moreover, the IP address can also give you detailed info about your location. If you go to sites like https://PingVPN.net, not only you will see your IP address, but you will also see the details, such as the country, region, city, time zone, and such things alike. In an overall sense, IP address function is to track and to understand the location.